About Us

Let’s Bus It™ has been assisting Transit Agency clients for over 11 years. With over 20 years of transit industry experience our team will assist transit agencies in the areas of Fare Collection, SMS next vehicle arrivals, Fare Media, Schedule and Map design and production.

Transit Industry Experience

Technology has changed the transit landscape dramatically over the past few years. SMS next vehicle arrival systems make it very easy and convenient to access next arrival information. Also, with the development of Apps that provide timetable information in real and schedule times passengers have many sources to find out transit information. The goal to make it convenient for passengers to receive arrival information goes a long way to encourage ridership on public transit.

The next focus of technology is to give passengers an easier method of purchasing transit fare products. One such product, EZeFare, gives the transit rider a convenient and secure way to purchase the transit fare products on their mobile smartphone. For the transit agency, this product requires no expensive hardware, reduces administration costs and generates valuable rider data retrieval capabilities.